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Upcoming Shows

April 8th @ Solar Eclipse Festival - Burton, OH

April 13th @Crobar - Cleveland, OH

June 6th @ Blind Bobs - Dayton, OH

July 5th @ Suma Health - Akron, OH



Community Shoe is an experimental performance ensemble that blends virtuosic musical composition and improvisation with original animated visual tokens and storytelling to create a tapestry-like audio/visual journey through a handful of life’s hypotheticals. Our music borrows sounds and feels from various genres, gliding through folk, indie, progressive, rock, jazz, and various world music, then folding them all into one brand new thing. We pride ourselves on the ability to approach our music from technical and complex perspectives, while balancing this with catchy melodies and mantras, eclectic grooves, emotionally vulnerable introspective lyrical poetry, and the occasional playful humor. 

The Community Shoe experience is not what the average concert goer would expect. Each show is a nonstop medley-like performance from start to finish. We use animations to emotionally root the listener in each individual musical work within our tapestry. Through our live performances we aspire  to create a distinctive and eccentric multimedia immersive art experience that leads the viewer on a brand new adventure. Let your mind and body wander and bounce through time. Hone in on a single note, theme, melody, memory, moment. Or take it all at once like a strong gust of wind. Let yourself float with us.

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